Since opening JIGUM in 2009, we have continued to show storytelling collections, which reflects subtle and simple aesthetics of their own born out of slow but calm and various tests. These collections have been evolving through sterling silver and semiprecious stone to gold and limited collections.

Once a year, we announce the main collection as the base of signature works proper to JIGUM. Based on the main collection, we present mini-collections variated in accordance with the seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.
We are fascinated by delicate and subtle works of old fabric techniques and handicrafts. We realize the time with fine sculpting techniques and workmanship. JIGUM presents its own special patterns and textures under ceaseless and repetitive research and tests, as seen in the “Fil d’or” line expressing the texture of “thread” with signature sculptural techniques, the “Tweed” line adding to the sense of actual fabrics by embodying fabric patterns, and the “Patterns of Time” line motivated by the old 18th century lace.
Beauty of imperfection comes from the delicateness of handmade works that is different from ‘perfection’ created by machines. Antique silver tone together with subtle gold color also results from the process of mixing and blending small details one by one. We contend for victory in the small and large points elegantly without harming subtle colors and overall harmony. Revealing secretive world in a fine detail which no one has seen is the very way we instill our fragrance into the sculpture.
The beauty JIGUM pursues is the world in 'the person' which is private and secretive.We believe everyone has such world . We put that private world into small 'jewelry.'Jewelry is a small record of that world and design is mere expression of the visible appearances in delicate and balanced aesthetics. We hope the moment of quietly closing eyes and feeling the mind will visit everyone.
JIGUM is a handmade jewelry brand that draws on memories of personal and calm moments combined with their small images into the form of jewelry. we would like to make beautiful things that would not change over long time. like happy moments of calm reflection on ourselves, we make jewelry for 'this moment' of you; for 'now' which is happiest.
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